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The Defense Technical Information Center
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ADD (Automatic Document Distribution)
Advanced Materials and Processes Technology Information Analysis Center (AMPTIAC)
Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS)
AFIS (American Forces Information Service)
Air Force Link (U.S. Air Force Homepage)
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals (AULIMP)
Albuquerque Regional Office
American Forces Information Service (AFIS)
American Society for Information Science (ASIS)
AMPTIAC (Advanced Materials and Processes Technology Information Analysis Center)
Annual Defense Report (ADR) (DoD Office of the Executive Secretary)
ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.18, "Scientific and Technical Reports - Elements, Organization and Design"
APMIAC (Airfields, Pavements, and Mobility Information Analysis Center)
Army Broadcasting Service
Army Public Affairs Center
ASIDIC (Association of Information Dissemination Centers)
ASIST (American Society for Information Science and Technology)
Ask a Librarian
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight
Association of Information Dissemination Centers (ASIDIC)
AULIMP (Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals)
Automatic Document Distribution (ADD)


Biomedical Research Database (DoD)
Boston Regional Office
Briefings and Tours (of DTIC)


CAB (Current Awareness Bibliography)
Cataloging Guidelines
CBIAC (Chemical Warfare/Chemical & Biological Defense Information Analysis Center)
Chemical Warfare/Chemical & Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (CBIAC)
CD-ROM product (DTIC) - Technical Reports Database
CENDI (Commerce, Energy, NASA, NLM, Defense & Interior (National Biological Service))
Commerce, Energy, NASA, NLM, Defense & Interior (National Biological Service)(CENDI)
Charges for DTIC Products and Services (Price List)
Chemical Propulsion Information Agency (CPIA)
CPIA (Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Code of Service (DTIC)
Collection - DTIC collection criteria
Commercial database customized search
Comptroller (DoD)
Conference (DTIC's Annual)
Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
Contributing documents or items to DTIC
 Contributing electronic documents to DTIC
 Contributor feedback form
Contributors Guide (also referred to as "Contributors Handbook")
Copyright guidelines (DTIC)
Corporate Source Code
Cost for DTIC products and services
Current Awareness Bibliography (CAB)
 Current Awareness Bibliography, electronic (ECAB)
Current Awareness Products
 Current Awareness Bibliography, electronic (ECAB)
 Automatic Document Distribution (ADD)
 Current Awareness Bibliographies (CABS and ECABS)
 DTIC Review (Web version and Paper version)
 Latest additions to IR&D
 Latest additions to research summaries
 Topic Links
Current Research and Development initiatives at DTIC
Current Research Summaries (formerly Recurring Reports)
Customer Assistance
 Customized searches
  Document identification
  Help Desk for STINFO and STINET
 Reference tools, referral service, and search strategy assistance
 Regional offices
 Telecommunications help desk


DAL (DoD Dissemination Authority List)
Database search request (for search to be conducted by DTIC staff)
Dayton Regional Office
DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
 Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Science and Technology (DUSD S&T)
(currently also the Director, Defense Research & Engineering, DDR&E)
 DUSD (S&T) - Biosystems
 DUSD (S&T) - International Plans and Programs, Technical Coordination Program
 DUSD (S&T) - Office of Technology Transition
  DUSD (S&T) - Technology Analysis Office
  DUSD (S&T) - Weapons Systems
  Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS)
  Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
  Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE)
  Information System Network (DISN) Teleconferencing Home Page
  Information Systems Agency (DISA) Home Page
  Message System (DMS) Customer Information Services
  Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA)
  Potential Contractor Program
  Prisoner of War/ Missing Personnel Office
  Privacy Office
  Production Act Title III
  Task Force on Domestic Violence
  Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Homepage
  Virtual Library (DVL)
  Freedom of Information (FOIA) Program
  GILS (See: DoD Web Site Registration System)
  International Security Affairs
  OSD Legislative Affairs
  OSD Reserve Affairs

DeploymentLINK (DoD)


DFARS (DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement)
Digest (DTIC's Quarterly newsletter)
Digital Virtual Disk (DVD) (DTIC research project)
Directions to DTIC Headquarters

Directives (DoD)
Directory of Design Support Methods
DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) Home Page
DISN (Defense Information System Network) Teleconferencing Home Page
Dissemination Authority List (DAL)
Distance Learning (DTIC sites)

  Introduction to the Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)
Distribution Statements
 DoD Directive 5230.24, "Distribution Statements on Technical Documents
Document identification
Document submission
 Submitting electronic documents
 Submitting multimedia documents
DoD Directives and Instructions
DoD Offices
 Command, Control,Communications and Intelligence (C3I)
 Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA)
 Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Science and Technology (Currently also DDR&E)
  Director of Administration and Management
 Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E) (currently also DUSD (S&T)
 Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E)
 General Counsel
 Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group
 International Plans and Programs
 Legislative Reference Service
 Office of the Executive Secretary
 Office of the Undersecretary (OUSD) - Personnel and Readiness
 Office of Technology Transition
 Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
 Prisoner of War Missing in Action Office (DPMO)
 Privacy Office
 Special Oversight Board (for DoD investigations of Gulf War chemical and biological incidents)
 Sports Office
 Standards of Conduct Office (SOCO)
 Technical Coordination Program
  Technology Analysis Office
  Washington Headquarters Service (Directorate for Information Operations and Reports)
  Weapons Systems
DoD Programs
  Biomedical Research Database
  Current Readiness (OUSD Personnel and Readiness)
  DoD Website Registration System
  Dual Use Science and Technology Program
  Environmental Cleanup
  GulfLINK - Persian Gulf War veterans illnesses
  Human Systems Integration/Directory of Design Support Methods (DDSM)
  Index of Specifications and Standards (DoDISS)
  Information Analysis Centers (IAC)
  Military Assistance Program Central
  Organization and Functions Guidebook
  Partnership for Fiscal Integrity
  Research and Development Descriptive Summaries
  Technology Transfer (T2) Database
DoDISS (DoD Index of Specifications and Standards)
DOT&E (Director, Operational Test & Evaluation)


DPMO (Defense Prisoner of War Missing in Action Office)

DTIC Collection
 Databases included
 Selection criteria
DTIC Databases
 IR&D (Indpendent Research & Develoment database)
 Research & Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS)
 Research Summaries (RS) (Formerly known as TEAMS)
 Technical Reports
DTIC Database Searching
DTIC Forms (For other forms used by DTIC, SEE forms)
  Contributor feedback form
  Current Awareness Products Order Form
  Database Search Request Form
  Document identification form
  Electronic document submission registration form
  Automated Form55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) Automated version
  Form 55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) PDF version
  Form 55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) WORD version
  Form 530 (Non-print submissions)
DTIC Hosted DoD Web sites
DTIC Hosted DISA Web sites
DTIC Internet Resources Listings
DTIC Job Opportunities
DTIC mission
DTIC organizations
 Directorate of Administration and Resource Management (DTIC-R)
 Directorate of Information Science and Technology (DTIC-E)
 Directorate of Information Systems Support (DTIC-Z)
 Directorate of Operations (DTIC-O)
 Directorate of RD&A Information Support (DTIC-A)
 Directorate of User Services (DTIC-B)
DTIC Publications
  Code of Service
  Contributors Handbook
  Copyright guidelines
  Handbook for Users
  IR&D Contributors Guide
  Registration Guide
  Selection Criteria
  Subject Category Guide
Dual Use Science & Technology Program
DVD (research into use at DTIC)
Defense Virtual Library (DVL)


Electronic Current Awareness Bibliography (ECAB)
Electronic Document Submission System
Environmental Cleanup Homepage
Environmental Resources Homepage


  Registration Service
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) DoD Supplement (DFARS)
Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC)
Fields and groups
Forms used by DTIC
DISA Forms
Form 41 (System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)
DoD Forms
Form 1540 (Registration for Scientific and Technical Information Services)
  Form 2345 (Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement)
  Form 254 (Contract Security Classification Specification)
  Listing of Department of Defense (DD) Forms
DTIC Forms
Commercial database search request Form
  Current Awareness subscription Form
  Document identification request form
  DTIC Database search request
  Electronic document submission registration form
  Automated Form55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) Automated version
  Form 55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) PDF version
  Form 55 (Request for Release of Limited Documents) WORD version
  Form 530 (Non-print submissions)
  TR CDROM application form
Standard Forms
SF 298 (Report Documentation Page)


GILS (DoD Web Site Registration System)
Global Command and Control System (GCCS) (DISA)


Handbook (Contributor Handbook)
Handle service (DTIC)
HBCU/MI Program (Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Minority Institution Program)
Help desks
  DTIC Regional Offices
  Search Strategy Assistance
  Telecommunications Support

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)
Historically Black Colleges & Universities Program (HBCU/MI)
How To Get It: A Guide to Defense Related Resources
HSI Program (Hispanic Serving Institutions)
HSIAC (Human Systems Information Analysis Center) (Formerly Crew Systems Ergonomics


Information Analysis Center
IACs (Information Analysis Centers)
  DTIC-sponsored IACs
  AMPTIAC (Advanced Materials & Processes Technology IAC)
  CBIAC (Chemical Warfare/Chemical & Biological Defense IAC)
  CPIA (Chemical Propulsion Information Agency)
  DACS (Data & Analysis Center for Software)
  HSIAC (Human Systems IAC)
  IATAC (Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center
  IRIA (Infrared IAC)
  MSIAC (Modeling & Simulation IAC)
  MTIAC (Manufacturing Technology IAC)
  NTIAC (Non-destructive Testing IAC)
  RAC (Reliability Analysis Center)
  SURVIAC (Survivability/Vulnerability IAC)
  WSTIAC (Weapon System Technology Analysis Center)
  Military Service-sponsored IACs
  APMIAC (Airfields, Pavements, and Mobility IAC)
  CEIAC (Coastal Engineering Defense IAC)
  CRSTIAC (Cold Regions Science & Technology IAC)
  CTIAC (Concrete Technology IAC)
  DTRIAC (Defense Threat Reduction IAC)
  EIAC (Environmental IAC)
  HEIAC (Hydraulic Engineering IAC)
  SAVIAC (Shock & Vibration IAC)
  SMIAC (Soil Mechanics IAC)

IAIN (International Aerospace Information Network)
IATAC (Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center)
IEB CCTWG (Intelink Engineering Board/Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group)
Independent Research & Development (DoD Program site)
Independent Research & Development Contributors Guide
Independent Research & Development Database (IR&D database)
Index of Specifications & Standards (DoDISS)
Information Analysis Centers (IACs) SEE list at IACs
Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC)
Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE)
Information Science Research initiatives at DTIC
Information System Network (DISN) Teleconferencing Home Page
Information Systems Agency (DISA) Home Page
Infrared Information Analysis Center (IRIA)
Instructions (DoD)
Intelink Engineering Board/Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group (IEB/CCTWG)
International Aerospace Information Network (IAIN)
Internet Training at DTIC
IR&D (Independent Research & Development)
  Contributors Guide
  DoD IR&D Program Web site
  Subscription to Latest Additions to IR&D

IRIA (Infrared Information Analysis Center)


JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) (JCSLINK)
  Joint Doctrine
  J4 Logistics Directorate
  J6 C4 Systems Directorate
  J7 Operational Plans and Interoperability Directorate
JEMP (Joint Engineers Management Panel)
Job Opportunities at DTIC
Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)
Joint Engineers Management Panel (JEMP)


Knowledgenet (The Grid) (DISA)
Korean War Commemorative


Library, Defense Virtual (DVL)
Los Angeles Regional Office


Manpower Training Research Information System (MATRIS)
Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center (MTIAC)
MATRIS (Manpower Training Research Information System)
MCTL Web site
MI (Minority Institutions, within HBCU/MI program)
Midwest Regional Office
Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD Form 2345)
Militarily Critical Technologies List Web site
Military Assistance Program (MAPsite)
Military Assistance Program Central
Military Children and Youth
Military Compensation
Military Teens on the Move
Modeling & Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC)
MTIAC (Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center)
Multimedia documents, Submitting to DTIC


NARDIC (Navy Acquisition, Research and Development Information Center
NATIBO (North American Technology and Industrial Base Organization)
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Conference Proceedings
National Defense Panel
National Federation of Information and Abstracting Services(NFAIS)
National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
National Technical Information Service
Naval Technology
Navy Acquisition, Research and Development Information Center (NARDIC)
NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association) Conference Proceedings
News (DefenseLINK)
NFAIS (National Federation of Information and Abstracting Services)
NISO (National Information Standards Organization)
Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center (NTIAC)
Nonprint documents, Submitting to DTIC
Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technology Working Group
The North American Technology and Industrial Base Organization (NATIBO)
Northeast Regional Office


ODAM (OSD Office of the Director of Administration and Management)
Office of the Executive Secretary (DoD)
Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA)
Online Searching (DTIC Training)
  Current Awareness Products
  Research tools and publications produced by DTIC
Organization and Functions Guidebook (DoD)
OSD Office of the Director of Administration and Management(ODAM)
OUSD Comptroller
OUSD Personnel and Readiness


Partnership for Fiscal Integrity (OUSD comptroller program)
PCP (Potential Contractor Program)
Pentagon Library
Per Diem, Transportation and Allowance Committee (DoD)
Phone Numbers (DTIC)
Points of Contact (DTIC)
Potential Contractor Program (PCP) (Defense)
Preservation of Digital Information (DTIC research project)
Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses
President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection
Price List (DTIC)
Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) (Defense)
Privacy Office
Private STINET
Production Act Title III
Projects (Information Science Research at DTIC)



RAC (Reliability Analysis Center)
RCI (Residential Communities Initiative)
RDDS (Research & Development Descriptive Summaries
RDSS/C (Research & Development Streamlined Solicitation/Contracts)
Readiness (This site is limited to .mil/.gov users.)
Recurring Reports (Current Research Summaries) (DTIC)
Reference and Referral Services (DTIC)
Regional Offices (DTIC)
  Midwestern Regional Office at Dayton
  Northeastern Regional Office at Boston
  Southwestern Regional Office at Albuquerque
  Western Regional Office at Los Angeles
Registration Services (DTIC)
Registration for DTIC services (General - to get a DTIC User Code)
Registration for specific DTIC products/services
  Current Awareness Products
  Private STINET
Reliability Analysis Center (RAC)
Report Documentation Form (SF 298)
Request for Release of Limited Document (DTIC Form 55) PDF VERSION
Request for Release of Limited Document (DTIC Form 55) WORD VERSION
Research & Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS)
Research and Development Streamlined SolicitationsContracts (RDDS/C)
Research Summaries (RS) (Formerly knows as TEAMS)
Residential Communities Initatives (RCI)
Review (DTIC)


SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research)
SBIR Interactive Topic Information System (SITIS)
SCAMPI (Staff College Automated Military Periodical Index)
Scientific and Technical Information Network (STINET)
Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) Web-based course
Search DTIC Databases
Selection criteria (for submitting documents/items to DTIC)
SF Form 298 (Report Documentation Form)
SITIS (SBIR Interactive Topic Information System)
Small Business Innovation Research at DTIC
Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
Soldiers (periodical, web version)
Source Code
Southwest Regional Office
Special Programs (DTIC)
  HBCU/MI (Historically Black Colleges & Universities/Minority Institutions Program)
  SBIR (Small Business Innvoation Research Program)
  URS (University Research Support Program)
Standard Form 298 (Report Documentation Form)
STINET (Scientific & Technical Information Network)
  Description of STINET
  Registering for Private STINET
  Searching STINET
  STINET MultiSearch
STINFO (Scientific and Technical Information Program) Training
Strategic Plan (DTIC)
STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer)
Subject Categorization Guide (DTIC)
Submitting Documents/Items to DTIC
  Contributors Guide
  Regulations, Directives and Instructions governing submitting documents
  DoD 5200.1-PH, "Guide to Marking Classified Documents"
  DoD Directive 3200.12, "DoD Scientific & Technical Information Program"
  DoD Directive 5230.24, "Distribution Statements on Technical Documents"
  DoD Instruction 3200.14, "Principles and Operational Parameters of the DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program"
  DoD Directive 5230.9, "Clearance of DoD Information for Public Release
  DFARS (DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement)
  National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)
Submitting electronic documents
Submitting multimedia documents
SURVIAC (Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center)


Task Force on Domestic Violence
TCU (Tribal Colleges and Universities) program within the HBCU/MI Program
Technical Reports
 Technical Report Automated Information List (TRAIL)
 Technical Reports database
 Technical Reports Database on CD-ROM
 Technical Reports Database on DVD
 Technical Report Documentation Form (SF 298, for submitting documents to DTIC)
Technology Integration Directorate (DDR&E)
Technology Transfer (T2) Database
Telecommunications Help Desk (DTIC)
Telephone Numbers (DTIC)
Thesaurus (DTIC)
Tours and briefings (DTIC)
TRAIL (Technical Report Automated Information List)
Training (DTIC)
  Private STINET
  Training schedule
TravelLINK (Defense Travel System)
TR CDROM (DTIC Technical Report Database on CDROM)
TR Database (DTIC's Technical Reports database)
TR DVD (DTIC Technical Report Database on DVD)
Tribal Colleges & Universities Program (TCU), within the HBCU/MI Program


University Research Support Program (URS)
USAjobs (Office of Personnel Management website)
Users' Council

Victim and Witness Assistance Council
Virtual Library (DVL)

Washington Headquarters Services Directives and Records Division
Washington Headquarters Services - Real Estate and Facilities Web Site
Weapons Systems Technology Information Analysis Center (WSTIAC)
Web Links
Website Registration System
Web-based training courses
Western Regional Office
WSTIAC (Weapons Systems Technology Information Analysis Center)

XML (DTIC Research Project)
Z39.18, ANSI/NISO Standard "Scientific and Technical Reports - Elements, Organization and Design

Gray Line

October 2004


DTIC may not be able to respond to inquiries not appropriate to its mission.

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