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List of Sectors || What does "sector" mean? || Sector-Based Tools

List of Sectors

EPA has produced sector-based compliance assistance materials on the following sectors:

What does the term "sector" mean?

A sector is a distinct part of the economy that shares:

  • Similar operations, processes, or practices,
  • Similar environmental problems and impacts,
  • Similar compliance issues, and either distributes goods or performs services.

EPA often provides compliance assistance on a sector-by-sector basis in order to efficiently reach facilities with similar operations, processes, or practices. To reach members of a sector, EPA works with sector leaders and organizations, and uses communication channels shared within each sector. Sectors can be broadly defined – construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or government – or more narrowly defined – residential construction, automobile assembly, poultry production or drinking water supply. Historically EPA has used the Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) to categorize and maintain data on sectors. These codes are useful when searching EPA data systems. EPA is now in the process of converting to the more recent North American Industry Classification System.

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Sector-Based Compliance Assistance Tools:

    Compliance Assistance Centers Exit EPA disclaimer provide comprehensive, easy to understand compliance information targeted to specific industry and government sectors.

    Sector Notebooks are plain language booklets that describe environmental problems associated with major US industries.

    Compliance Assistance and Inspection Publications are also available including guides, manuals, fact sheets, and brochures that pertain to an individual sector or a specific regulation.

    National Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse links to public and private compliance assistance materials. Users may post documents and interact with assistance providers, both within and outside of EPA. The Clearinghouse allows users to search for relevant material on new and existing regulations, pollution prevention opportunities, and voluntary programs that were created by other parts of EPA, other Federal Agencies,Tribes, States and Local Agencies, Industry, and other organizations.

    Materials by Statute allows you to search for information according to environmental law (e.g. Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act) or on a media basis (air, land, surface water, groundwater) rather than by sector. Keep in mind that regulations, that apply to many sectors are listed according to environmental law and are not listed according to sector.

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