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    Frequently Asked Questions of Other
    U.S. Government Agencies on FirstGov.gov

    ABC Agreement (see American Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh (ABC) Agreement)
    Abused Child and Spouse (see Family)
    Addresses (Field Offices) (see Field Offices (Information and Addresses))
    Address Change (see Change of Address)
    Adjustment of Status (including 245(i))
    Administrative Appeals
    Advance Parole
    Affidavit of Support
    Aging Out
    Alien Worker (see Employment)
    Amerasian (see Special Immigrant)
    American Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh (ABC) Agreement
    Apply (Application Procedures)
    Arrival-Departure Records (I-94)
    Arrival – Special Registration (see Special Registration)

    Battered Child and Spouse
    Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
    Border/Border Safety
    Brother (see Family)
    Business - Office of Business Liaison (see Visa – nonimmigrant - temporary visitors, workers, “H” visas including H-1B, students)

    Canada (see Travel)
    Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit
    Card Replacement (see Permanent Residency (Green Card))
    Careers in Immigration (see Working for Immigration)
    Carrier Consultant Program (CCP)
    Case Status
    Change of Address
    Check Status of my Case (see Case Status)
    Child Citizenship Act (see Adoption)
    Children (see Family)
    Citizenship (see Naturalization / Citizenship)
    Civil Surgeons (see Medical Examination)
    Conditional Status (see Permanent Residency - Conditional Status)
    Congressional Offices
    Copies of Documents (see Documentation)
    Correcting Documentation (see Documentation)
    Country Specific Adjustment (see Adjustment of Status)
    Cuba (see Adjustment of Status (including 245(i))
    CBP (Bureau of Customs and Border Protection)

    Data Management Improvement Act (DMIA) Task Force
    DHS (Department of Homeland Security)
    Departure (see Arrival-Departure Records)
    Departure - Special Registration (see Special Registration)
    Derivative Visa Status (see Visa - Derivative)
    Diversity Visa (see Visa: Diversity Lottery Program)
    Draft (see Selective Service)

    Eligibility Information (Green Card) (see Permanent Residency (Green Card))
    e-Gov and e-Filing at BCIS
    Emergency Travel
    Employment-based Immigrant Categories (EB-1, EB-2, etc.) (see Visas - Employment-based Immigrant Categories (EB-1, EB-2, etc.))
    Employment Discrimination (see Protected Individuals under the INA)
    Employment - Authorization/Work Permits
    Employment - Temporary Worker
    Employment - Immigrant Worker
    Employment Eligibility Verification
    Equal Opportunity Employment
    Exchange Visitor
    Expedited Removals
    Extension of Stay in the United States

    Family - Abused Child and Spouse
    Family - Children
    Family - Husband or Wife
    Family History
    Federal Inspection Service’s (FIS’) Airport Facility Guidelines (see Inspections)
    Fiancée Visa (see Visa - Marriage)
    Field Offices (Information/Addresses)
    Filing Applications (see Apply (Application Procedures))
    Find the Status of my Case (see Case Status)
    Following-to-Join Benefits (see Family)
    Foreign Residency
    Forms and Fees
    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

    Green Card (see Permanent Residency (Green Card))

    Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (HRIFA)
    Health Care Worker Certification
    Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act of 2000 (see Naturalization/Citizenship - Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act of 2000)
    Humanitarian Parole
    Husband Immigrant Visa (see Family - Husband or Wife)

    ICE - Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Identification (see Documentation)
    Illegal Aliens
    Immigration Law
    Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
    Immigration and Immigrant Visa (see Visa - Immigrant Visa)
    INSPass (see Inspections)
    Iraq (see Adjustment of Status)

    K Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications (see Family)

    Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) (see Permanent Residency (Green Card))
    Legal Advice
    LIFE (Legal Immigration Family Equity Act)
    Lottery (see Visa Diversity Lottery Program)

    Marriage (see Visa - Marriage)
    Medical Examination (Vaccinations, Civil Surgeons, Panel Physicians, Forms, Medical Waivers)
    Mexico (see Travel)
    Military Eligibility for Naturalization (see Naturalization: Waivers, Exceptions, and Special Cases - including Military)
    Missing Persons
    Mother Immigrant Visa (see Family)
    Motions (see Apply (Application Procedures))

    NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
    Naturalization/Citizenship (including Naturalization of Military Personnel)
    Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Rlief Act (NACARA)
    Notice of Approval
    NSEERS - National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (see Special Registration)

    Originals and Copies (see Documentation)
    Orphans (see Adoption)
    Outlying Area Reporting Station (OARS) (see Inspections)

    Panel Physician (see Medical Examination)
    Parent (see Family)
    Parole (see Travel, and Emergency Travel, and Humanitarian Parole)
    Permanent Residency (Green Card)
    Permanent Residency - Conditional Status
    Petitioning Procedures (see Family)
    Poverty Guidelines
    Pre-enrolled Access Lane Enrollment (PAL) (see Inspections)
    Premium Processing Service
    Protected Individuals Under the INA
    Priority Date (see Visa)
    Procedures (see Apply (Application Procedures))
    Public Charge

    Reentry Permit (see Travel, and Emergency Travel)
    Refugee Travel Document (see Travel)
    Registration (see Special Registration)
    Relative Immigrant Visa (see Visa)
    Removals, Expedited (see Expedited Removals)
    Reporting Suspected Illegal Activity (see Illegal Aliens)

    Service Processing Center (SPC) (see Detention)
    Secure Electronic Network For Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) (see Inspections)
    Schools (see Student (and SEVP))
    Selective Service
    Sister (see Family)
    Special Immigrant
    Special Registration
    Sponsoring an Alien (see Affidavit of Support)
    Spouse (see Family)
    Status (see Case Status)
    Students (and SEVP)
    Syria (see Adjustment of Status (including 245(i))

    Temporary Visitors
    Temporary Protective Status (TPS)
    Temporary Workers
    Threat Advisory (DHS)
    Travel (see also Emergency Travel, and Humanitarian Parole and Documentation)
    Truck Drivers (see Visa)

    Vaccinations (see Medical Examination)
    Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (VTVPA)
    Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
    Visa (general information)
    Visa- Derivative
    Visa - Immigrant Visa For Employees
    Visa - Immigrant Visa - Numbers
    Visa - Immigrant Visa - Relative (Spouse, Child, Sibling, Parents) (see Family)
    Visa - Marriage
    Visa - Nonimmigrant Business or Worker & Office of Business Liaison
    Visa - TN VISAS: Professionals Under NAFTA
    Visa - Visa Diversity Lottery Program
    Visa - Visa Waiver Program

    Widower (see Special Immigrant)
    Wife (see Family)
    Work (see Employment)
    Working for Immigration


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